Product Development Services

Scalable, Agile, And Cost-Effective
Skillanto has been providing top-class product engineering services and custom application development services to startups and Fortune 100 companies in different industries. Use our unique expertise to build a custom digital product to tackle various business challenges, elevate operations, and enable growth.

Product Engineering - The Agile Way

Our experience as one of the leading product engineering services companies allows us to fine-tune all steps of the development process. We employ lean startup approach and Scrum framework to build great digital products that add value to businesses and users.


The first step is to generate worthy ideas that can form the foundation for the New Product Development strategy. Even in this early stage, we make sure you can answer questions like: Who is the customer? What specific need(s) will the product satisfy? How can we communicate the value of this product?


After conceptualizing the idea, we focus on the product design stage. Here, we make major decisions regarding the choice of technologies, operating systems, interfaces, and more. Further alterations, if any required, are also made to the concept idea, before moving on to the next step, that is, development.


Our development team relies on Agile Product Development that focuses on incremental and iterative development while promoting collaboration and communication. This step centers around the required features of the product, the prototype development, and user experience, among others through algorithmic approaches with cost optimization in mind as well.


Our test engineers deployed in the organization use and judge the product based on performance. After checking the product’s performance, the test engineers map the marketing mix results with the product created. If any issues are found, changes are planned and implemented before the final go-ahead.


Once the product is thoroughly tested and passes all the quality checks, it is ready to be deployed and, thus, released into the market. This stage calls for feedback, as it will enable further re-engineering processes which the product might as well need to go through.


Skillanto is a leading custom application development company in Bhuneshwar, India. Our experts collaborate with high-end technologies and architectures to provide unique solutions to our clients. Some of the technologies we are working with