Advanced Python Projects

  • For this one, you'll need a source of stock market data and some machine learning skills, but many people have tried this, so there's plenty of source code out there to work from.

  • The challenge here isn't so much making the chatbot as it is making it good Can you, for example, implement some natural language processing techniques to make it sound more natural and spontaneous?

  • This requires some hardware (which isn't usually free), but there are many af fordable options out there and many learning resources, too. Definitely look into Raspberry - Pi if you're not already thinking along those lines.

  • Starting with handwriting recognition is a good idea, Dataquest even has a guided project to help with that!! But once you've learned it, you can take it to the next level.

  • Select an industry or product that interests you, and build a machine learning model that predicts price changes.

  • Sure, there are many pre-built ones available, but can you collect a large corpus of text data and build one of your own? (Or, less challenging optimize an existing sentiment analysis model for the particular text you're analyzing.)

  • This will require a mix of data skills and UI creation skills. Your map can display whatever you'd like-bird migrations, traffic data, crime reports - but it should be interactive in some way. How far can you take it?